Power Flushing

Are your radiators struggling to heat up and are cold at the bottom, no matter how much you turn the thermostat up?

A heating system contains many different metals surrounded by water. When the system is first commissioned it should be chemically treated, if left to its own devices, a heating system will start to corrode due to a reaction of the different metals with the water.

This will lead to a frequent need to bleed radiators (hydrogen gas forms in radiators that are corroding), cold spots on radiators, black sludge in the system – which makes your boiler work harder and your boiler burning more gas to heat the house. This can also cause noise in the system and premature failure of pumps and valves.

To keep your heating system working efficiently as well as looking after the boiler, it is essential that chemical treatment of the water is maintained.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that the chemical treatment does not last and it gradually becomes less effective each year. We recommend topping up the chemical inhibitor with a “Build Cert” approved product every 2 years.

If there’s already black sludge in your heating system, you now need to get your system flushed out to remove it and return your system efficiency so that you’re not wasting gas and suffering with luke warm radiators in the middle of Winter. It is also essential to get the system flushed if you are having a new boiler fitted, as sludge can ruin a new boiler and possibly invalidate the warranty.

Plumbflow Ltd can do this for you at very reasonable cost using specialist power flushing equipment and chemical treatment. The process is clean, leaving no mess behind and will leave your heating system clean, hotter, more efficient and with the correct level of inhibitor returned to it, for peace of mind.

We are happy to carry out a free survey to see if your system needs a flush and provide you with a quote so please call us on 01925 468003 or use our contact form.